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Myofascial Decompression 

Therapeutic Therapy:

Cupping Therapy offers much better results then deep tissue massage as it decompresses the soft tissue by pulling the fascia and realigning it for better posture and movement. For most people, 20-22 hours a day are spent in sedentary positions. Whether its sitting, standing or laying down we have lost the ability to move how the body was designed to. By receiving 30 minutes of Cupping Therapy you can get better relief then 90 minutes of massage and the affects last much longer. Cupping also improves blood flow, drawing stagnant blood away from affected area and flooding it with fresh blood for recovery. 


By following the Myofascial Meridians we can assist you in releasing and realigning soft and connective tissue while drastically improving mobility and function. We offer two types of modalities to service #yyc  

We use 2 types of cupping  

1) Scrubbing or Gliding-

By moving the cups both with muscle fibre and against the tissue we can release knots and tension from everyday living. 

2) Blanketing or covering-

By covering a specific area with multiple cups we pull the fascia or superficial layer that covers the entire body giving a whole body reset. Whether its the back, legs, arms, pelvis or chest and abdominals. 


Athletic Recovery:

Injury not only seriously hinders an athletes ability to perform and train, it can have negative consequences on their psyche. When we are worried about getting injured we cannot get passed that and it leads to only putting 75% effort. Having regular recovery sessions can both eliminate injury and allow the athlete to train harder. We use a series of techniques to help keep athletes moving thru full ROM while staying on track. We are currently working with a number of top local athletes in MMA, Bodybuilding, Women's physique, Golf and Soccer. 


Similar to Scrubbing or Gliding but taken to the next level. Most practitioners use those techniques, what separates us is we combine active movement with static stretch holds. Think of Yoga on serious steroids. the amount of flexibility attained with this treatment really has to be experienced. 



This technique is the most crucial and almost every session starts with it, due to the tools used we break down scar tissue, built up calcium and shifted fascia so that when we Cup it allows complete realignment. 



Using an EMS machine we can help active lazy muscle and relax hyperactive muscle so the body can distribute energy properly. This is done while moving thru the primal patterns. 

PERCUSSOR is a thumper massage unit adn we use it on trigger points to help release sticky joints and muscle. Common uses are with fighters, their shoulders can begin to round forward because the Pec minor is always active

*We do not do direct billing but all services are claimable depending on your insurance.






$40 for initial 30 min assessment (can be

added to treatment)

45 min treatment $70

60 min treatment $85