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The words 'functional fitness' have taken on a much different meaning then what it truly entails. I believe that there is no wrong exercise or movement as the body is capable of unbelievable things. But however do believe that there is NOT being ready to do certain movements and exercises. Hence why so many more people are getting injured. The issue is really that people sit for most of their day and then figure they should go workout as hard as possible for 45 minutes and that is somehow going to counter act 20+ hours of sedentary, and well, thats just not true. If anything they are increasing their chances for serious injury. That is where we come in. Our PT is not about losing five pounds or working out so hard you throw up(how stupid is that!!!)...


"It is about prepping the body for purpose, with reason" 

For almost 6 months Tasha could barely lift her arm above her head. Her neck was jammed up so bad it tilted towards her left shoulder. A result of training and working out without correcting some serious issues. When she came to me we worked hard to just get her to move without pain killers. After a couple of months she not only moves pain free, she is back to working out and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Bill came to as a referral from one of my long time clients. She explained that he had never worked out and lived a very sedentary lifestyle. His first goal when we met was to play better golf. Now with Bill it was more about his arthritis that creeps up on his hands and knee. So we put in place a system that focused on not working his hands and knee but rather supporting those areas with functional multi-plane movements. And today he loves playing golf and moves with much more ease. 

Sebastian is a Mechanic and has been doing it for most of his adult life. And with the repetitive movement patterns it has taken a toll on him. Shifting stress from one side of the body to the other. With him we used a combination of PT and STM to get him pain free.  

Because of the results our clients get they continue to come to us for PT and all of them have been doing so for a minimum of 2 years. Even though we do offer PT to everyone. We only take on those who are serious about their bodies health, not the next fad diet or magic pill. And because of this we are very selective with who we bring on. If you are truly seeking a lifestyle change, we are for you. 


Initial Assessment $40

30 min $50 

45 min $70

60 min $85


Price breaks for 

10 session packs 

20 session packs


*all services require 24 hour cancellation


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