I am a hairstylist who spends 12 hours a day on my feet with my arms in the air, it wreaks havoc on my legs and shoulders.  My legs go numb and my shoulders seize up.   I have tried chiropractors, massage therapy, and any body therapy that came my way.  One session with Nathan and I can move,  no other therapy has given me those results.  Most take multiple sessions before I get any release. Most times I would feel worse, then the circle begins, multiple sessions, time off work....  that is not an effective way to live. I love what I do and I know it breaks down my body so choosing therapies that are effective is my top priority.  One session with Nathan and his therapy I get release.  My shoulders relax,  my legs get feeling back in them, any pain subsides. 

Not only does movement therapy help my body to continue doing what I love, it has eased an abundance of pain I have from osteoarthritis in my hip.  The therapy sessions help me to correct my posture, stand and walk better.  I also can feel everything in my b   The energy I take away from a session is amazing.  I am very in tune with my body and every session I have with Nathan I move better and feel amazing.



Adrienne K. 

I have always been an active person, played sports, danced competitively, worked out that was until about 4 months ago when the pain in my shoulder and neck got so bad I could barely lift my arm. I was on prescribed pain medication on a daily basis and the doctors couldn't tell me what it was. Ultrasounds, MRI, and numerous tests later I still didn't have any answers.


After talking with Nathan who recommended Movement Therapy I decided to give it a try with little optimism. With his knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and his extensive background in exercise Nathan put in place a weekly session for me.


It has been about 6 weeks and I am back training fitness pain free and with full range of motion. If it wasn't  for Nathan and his understanding of movement I would still be living on pain meds(which now I am free of).


Tasha K.






Restrictions and impingements in muscle and connective tissue can be physically painful and have a negative affect on athletic performance. For athletes, regular recovery and rest is crucial to maintain a rigorous training schedule and prevent injury. Keeping them on track to compete at peak. Using the 3 stages of soft tissue therapy we help hundreds of people stay on top.


-Active Cupping Therapy

-Soft Tissue Abrasion Therapy

-Electronic Muscle Firing




Based on Myofascial body lines we assess and identify both weaknesses and movement pattern imbalances. 


PRICES(credit card or   cash accepted)

45 minute session $70

30 minute session $50





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Movement Therapy



Welcome to the Movement



"If you want to train like an athlete, you better recover like one"







Similiar to Graston or Guasha, we use specific tools in order to help break down and compress tight or blocked tissue for better blood flow. This increases the effectiveness of cupping. 





The bread and butter of improving mobility and recovery. We use 3 different types of cups depending on what each client requires. Cupping decompresses the fascia and muscle tissue, improving posture, circulation and speeds up recovery, which is crucial for athletes.





Correcting imbalances and assisting over worked muscles by forcing the weaker inactive muscles to do there part we can drastically increase ROM and improve performance.