Athletic performance is dependant on 2 primary things, developing proper movement sequence and staying physically healthy. As an athlete myself who has competed in a variety of sports from the age of 9. I can tell you that some sports came easy, my body just seemed to be built for some and others I had to work hard to get better, to learn the motor patterns required. Like golf, one of the seemingly easy sports to grasp yet it remains one of the hardest to do consistently. For most it is simply because the body can't repeat the swing properly due to poor muscle activation and sequence. It took me a couple years of hard work in the gym to really get my body to swing freely. 


I have worked with Amateur and Professional athletes domestic and internationally. From 13 years old to 50 years old. Book an assessment today and start playing better tomorrow. 


Functional Movement

By starting with stability and mobility we can fix imbalances and provide a much better platform for strength training. We use Unilateral movements and cross sling exercises to attain balance through out the body. 





Personal Training


1-9 sessions $70/session

10-19 sessions $65/session

20+ sessions $60/session




Therapy(45 minutes in length)





-SOFT TISSUE RELEASE                      $65


*Treatments are done in a series of visits to pinpoint exactly the course needed. Sessions run 45 minutes and can include 1 or more methods of treatment. 



-Once the assessment has been done and it has been established that Shockwave is the appropriate course of action 










Soft Tissue Decompression Therapy is a crucial piece of over all health. It provides recovery and increases flexibility. We focus on Active rather then Therapeutic therapy simply because movement is improved thru moving. We use a variety of methods to help you move better.

-Active Cupping using 3 different types

-Soft Tissue Release

-Shockwave Therapy

-Electronic Muscle Activation 



Nathan L.


#202-1910 20th Ave NW

(located in the Nardella wellness Clinic)





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I am a hairstylist who spends 12 hours a day on my feet with my arms in the air, it wreaks havoc on my legs and shoulders.  My legs go numb and my shoulders seize up.   I have tried chiropractors, massage therapy, and any body therapy that came my way.  One session with Nathan and I can move,  no other therapy has given me those results.  Most take multiple sessions before I get any release. Most times I would feel worse, then the circle begins, multiple sessions, time off work....  that is not an effective way to live. I love what I do and I know it breaks down my body so choosing therapies that are effective is my top priority.  One session with Nathan and his therapy I get release.  My shoulders relax,  my legs get feeling back in them, any pain subsides. 

Not only does movement therapy help my body to continue doing what I love, it has eased an abundance of pain I have from osteoarthritis in my hip.  The therapy sessions help me to correct my posture,
stand and walk better.  I also can feel everything in my b   The energy I take away from a session is amazing.  I am very in tune with my body and every session I have with Nathan I move better and feel amazing.



Adrienne K. 

I have always been an active person, played sports, danced competitively, worked out that was until about 4 months ago when the pain in my shoulder and neck got so bad I could barely lift my arm. I was on prescribed pain medication on a daily basis and the doctors couldn't tell me what it was. Ultrasounds, MRI, and numerous tests later I still didn't have any answers.


After talking with Nathan who recommended Movement Therapy I decided to give it a try with little optimism. With his knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology and his extensive background in exercise Nathan put in place a weekly session for me.


It has been about 6 weeks and I am back training fitness pain free and with full range of motion. If it wasn't  for Nathan and his understanding of movement I would still be living on pain meds(which now I am free of).














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The constant search for my own answers after I was injured in the military and had to use a cane for almost a year left me seeking treatments from Physio-therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, personal trainers and after finally realizing that it wasn't going to be just one aspect that would help me I began combining elements from each until I had in place a routine that not only had me walking and running without a limp, it had my injury stronger then before. It was then I knew my calling. And though it has taken almost 15 years to reach where I am, I feel as though I have just begun. 


"By combining Functional Movement and Soft Tissue Compression Therapy we can both attain and sustain balance between fitness and health"